Introducing Resource Watch

As one of the key funders, DOB Ecology joined the launch of Resource Watch the 11th of April 2018 in Washington DC.

Resource Watch is a dynamic platform that provides trusted and timely data for a sustainable future. It leverages technology and near-real-time data to bring much-needed transparency on the state of the planet’s people, resources and commerce all in one place.

Resource Watch was created in the face of two global challenges: a proliferation of data, and declining trust in institutions. Decision-makers are drowning in a sea of data yet can’t find the information they need. That’s where Resource Watch comes in: an easy-to-use monitoring tool that curates and visualizes reliable data. Now, users can see where shrinking reservoirs could cause instability, which cities’ air pollution levels pose a serious threat to their residents’ health, and watch a coral reef transform from bleaching over time.

Resource Watch features hundreds of data sets on the challenges facing human society and the environment. Users can explore and overlay datasets on climate change, poverty, state instability, urban infrastructure and more. They can also download, analyze and visualize the data in countless ways, and share their insights.

Resource Watch is now open to the public – the platform is free for all users and will continue to grow stronger and smarter as WRI adds new data layers and functionality every week.

Check the site out at