Where can I find the annual accounts?

Our annual accounts are published on www.hetanbiregister.nl.

How can I apply for a grant?

We work with a small staff, and are not in a position to consider unsolicited proposals.


What is the role of the Advisory Council?

The Advisory Council comprises three advisors with a mixture of backgrounds, experiences and expertise. The Council advises the CEO on the content, quality, theory of change, envisaged impacts, planning and added value of potential programmes. This includes advice on the track record and capabilities of the prospective partner.

The Council also provides strategic advice, and supports the CEO in realising the mission of DOB Ecology.

What is the legal status of DOB Ecology?

DOB Ecology is a foundation (‘stichting’) established under Dutch law. DOB Ecology is a non-profit organisation, with ANBI status.

How is DOB Ecology funded?

The foundation has been initiated by a Dutch entrepreneurial family, whose philanthropy enables the foundation to support the selected partners and programmes.

How does DOB Ecology treat my personal data?

Your privacy and trust are important to us. Therefor we have a Privacy statement that provides information how we handle your personal information. This statement can be read here.