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The #BarotseFloodplain declaration will help gain:
•International recognition & attention
•Tourism & socio-economic development for communities
•Fundraising opportunities to support sustainable development
•Improved management of fishing, agriculture, & forestry resources

“That left 0.9 billion hectares that could be forested but have not been. If those spaces were filled with trees that already flourish nearby, the new growth could store 205 gigatons of carbon by the time the forests mature.”

The European Union and #Mercosur countries just announced that they finalised their 20 years long negotiations for a #freetradeagreement.

Read our reaction:

"This deal might just be the EU’s worst trade agreement for the #climate"

Absolutely👌👍 we have learned a lot from our two year programme in Saloum🇸🇳 and Rifuji🇹🇿 funded by @dobecology