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First mangrove capital africa advisory group meeting is under way 🇸🇳. To provide guidance that will enable the program to achieve its objectives.
Highly committed to mangrove conservation, advisers appreciate. Mangrove capital africa is led @WetlandsInt funded by @dobecology


A la rencontre des radios communautaire du delta du Saloum Sénégal, pour une synergie des actions dans le cadre du programme Mangrove Capital Africa (MCA) de wetlands @WetlandsAfrica financé par DoB @dobecology


Here is an easy 'how to' blog on making the most of Resource Watch - best invention since sliced bread. Thanks to our wonderful donors incl @dobecology @maasgoote @resource_watch @WorldResources

Congratulations👏 to our teams from Saloum🇸🇳, Rufiji🇹🇿 and Mangrove Watch🇳🇱 for the work they have done in the implementation of the Mangrove Capital Africa program financed by @dobecology : Reference studies, advocacy, empowerment of stakeholders, supporting producers.